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Chapin Farms is owned and operated by Mark and Wanda Chapin.   Our primary focus is red angus grass fed beef, cotton patch geese, and soil improvement.  Our interest in farming actually began in the late 80's when we purchased some farm land and first started thinking about some kind of farming operation.   At that time we found the soil was terrible and nothing would grow so Mark began his research into all things natural and organic to try and remedy this problem.  His journey led him to believe that first and foremost we had to improve the health of the soil and in the ensuing 20 plus years he has become an expert in soil health and now manufactures an all-natural soil inoculant product which we spray on our pastures along with fish fertilizer and micro-nutrients to keep the soil healthy and thriving.  We have also spent many a Saturday morning along the railroad right-of-ways collecting native grass seeds to plant to return the land to its natural and healthy condition. We now have indian grass, little blue stem, big blue stem, eastern gamagrass, and sideoats grama growing tall and strong so it was only natural when we got in the cattle business we would decide grass fed beef would be the way to go.  We strongly believe that healthy grass fed beef begins with healthy soil.

Our cattle operations actually began with a high school 4-H project.  Our son, Travis, purchased his first heifer in 2002 to show and immediately we were all hooked.   In January of 2004 he won Overall Grand Champion at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado and his award was a ten month old Red Angus heifer named Belga.   She had a small frame and was easy to work with  - two things we had been looking for to begin our cattle operation.  Red angus cattle are also known to be heat tolerant, undemanding, adaptable, and good natured while producing well marbled meat which improves flavor and tenderness so we decided to focus on building a herd of smaller  frame red angus cattle. Belga is still one of our favorites producing nice calves every year.   

Travis with Belga and her first calf in 2005
Mark planting cool season grasses
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